Migrating dialogues’ is a transit zone. Between here and there. Between past and present. Between the personal and the geopolitical. Between myself and others. It is a collection of interweaving stories on migration. How does a transplantation process effect your life and the lives of those close to you? Which choices did you make yourself and which were made for you? What are HERE and THERE anyway? Where are the self-justifications and blind spots? What is left unsaid?

I am mapping my own migration route by interviewing family and friends. Looking into my own migration history, facing my own doubts, failures and vulnerabilities, opens up the possibility of a dialogue with others about their experiences. Confronting my own stories I invite others to share theirs. This ongoing investigation and (re-) collection is being developed and documented in live performances, interventions, installations and online as podcasts. It is an attempt to engage in a more nuanced perspective on migration. Migration as a complex story of all times, of all places, connecting all of us.

It is the 6 September 1970. My mum and dad are flying for the first time in their lives. It won’t be their last time.
Everything is new, exciting, strange. My dad is 22, my mum has just turned 23. They are newlyweds but this is not their honeymoon.
They are emigrating.
The 6th of September 1970 is ‘Skyjack sunday’.


  • Trailer Project

  • IN/UIT de KAST @ Vooruit, Ghent (https://vooruit.be/nl/show/detail/12003/IN_UIT_DE_KAST)
Coming up soon…
  • 21 & 22 October 2017@ Mestizo Art Festival, Rataplan, Antwerp
  • 18 – 30 April 2018 @ BLANCO, Nucleo, Ghent
Past tense
  • October 2016 @ Work in Progress, MAF, Antwerp


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