‘Migrating dialogues’ is a transit zone. Between here and there. Between the past and the present. Between the personal and the geopolitical. Between ourselves and others. It is a collection of stories on migration. How does a transplantation process effect your own life and the lives of those close to you? Which choices did you make yourself and which were made for you? What are HERE and THERE in the first place? Where do the self-justifications and blind spots reside? What is left unsaid?

We are mapping our own migration routes by interviewing family and friends. Looking into our own migration histories, facing our own doubts, failures and vulnerabilities, opens up the possibility of a dialogue with others about their experiences. Confronting our own stories we invite others to share theirs. This ongoing investigation and (re-) collection is developed and documented in performances, interventions and podcasts. It is an attempt to engage with different perspectives on migration. Migration is a complex story of all times, of all places, that connects all of us.

Migrating Dialogues #1. “Inheriting the Empire”

Migrating dialogues #1 is an audio-installation about Rona Kennedy’s youth in South-Africa, the UK and Ohio, about apartheid, boarding schools and terrorism, about spiders, sick bags and hand grenades, about shame, anger and silence. Listen and leave us a postcard with your own migration route.

It is the 6 September 1970. My mum and dad are flying for the first time in their lives. It won’t be their last time.
Everything is new, exciting, strange. My dad is 22, my mum has just turned 23. They are newlyweds but this is not their honeymoon.
They are emigrating.
Ze emigreren.
The 6th of September 1970 is ‘Skyjack Sunday’.

Migrating Dialogues #2. “Spaghetti Junction”

Rona is having an ongoing conversation with Lola. Two British women who somehow found themselves in Belgium. Roughly the same age and social class, their lives are like Spaghetti Junction, crossing paths, intersecting and departing, above and below each other as they move back and forth between London and the Home Counties. The talk is about power, decolonization, wearing ‘Gays against Nazis’ badges, singing Free-eee Nelson Mande-eela, Margret Thatcher, Samira Adamu and the Notting Hill Riots. Their identities are complex, multilayered, both so called ‘expats’. But what does that actually mean?

In September 1998, Lola and I both leave the UK for Belgium. Why not, I can always go back if it doesn’t work out. I’ll see how it goes. On the 22nd of September 1998, Samira Adamu is murdered by the two policemen charged with her forced deportation. A third films everything.

See the pictures of 22/okt @ Rataplan

See Photo’s from Podcast Festival 2 december in NEST


Performance: Rona Kennedy
Concept and text: Rona Kennedy, based on interviews with William Kennedy (#1) and Ademilola Oduwole (#2)
Concept, sound design, editing: Fabián Espinosa-Díaz
Concept and dramaturgy: Helena Elshout


Coming up soon…
  • Working on #4 & #5
Past tense
  • Mei 5 & 26, 2018. MD#1 in LOKET in NEST. Audiovisual-installation  & talks/interviews.
  • Mei 10 & 11, 2018. Bomfestival @ Bij’ De Vieze Gasten. Brugsepoort.
  • Januari & Februari 2018. MD#1 in LOKET in NEST
    • NEST: Oude Stadsbibliotheek, Woodrow Wilson Plein, Gent
    • LOKET in NEST
    • Every month we will be setting up our  Audiovisual-installation in LOKET
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  • UN/SETTLED festival @KAAP, Oostende.
  • Audiovisual-installations & intimate stories: UN/SETTLED @ Vrijstaat O, Oostende.
    • Installations 20-25 August
    • Installations and live stories: August 25, 2018 
  • Performance: UN/SETTLED @ Atlantikwall, Raversijde. November 11, 2018
  • Performance: Mestizo Arts Festival @ Rataplan October 2018
  • Audiovisuele installations en intimate stories: WiPCoop@Arenbergschouwburg (Mestizo Arts Platform) 8-10 november 2018
  • Audiovisuele installations: @CCBerchem ihkv 11.11.11 campagneday) 11 november 2018
  • 2 december @ Podcast Festival, Nest, Oude Stadsbibliotheek, Woodrow Wilson Plein, Gent.
  • 29 – 30 november @ De Expeditie, Dok Noord 4F, Gent ikv WiP CooP – Work in Progress Festival 2017
    • Audio-installation: ongoing 29 & 30 nov.
    • Performance twice on 30/nov: at 19:30 and 21:50. Performance lasts 40 minutes, for 20 people.
  • 20 – 22 October 2017 @  Mestizo Art Festival, Rataplan, Antwerpen. See the pictures.
    • Audio-installation
    • Performance: 2x between 14h – 17h. Performance lasts 40 mins, for 20 people.
  • October 2016 @ Work in Progress, MAF, Antwerp



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